Event Compliance - JOC and Oversight

The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, Act 2 of 2010

The Hosting of Public (and in certain instances private) events is governed in South Africa by a Statutory ACT, namely The Safety at Sports and Recreational Event’s Act (Act 2 of 2010-RSA)

Some definitions extracted from the Act:

Event Organiser: means any person who plans, is in charge of, manages, supervises or holds an event or sponsorship rights to an event or in any manner controls or has a material interest in the hosting of an event as contemplated in this Act;

Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act: Act No.2 of 2010 – Sec 6 (1) – If an event is planned to be hosted at a venue other than a stadium that has a seating or standing spectator capacity of at least 2000 persons as certified by a local authority then the event organiser must, at least six months before the start of—

(a) a calendar year for a specific sport, recreational, religious, cultural, organizational or similar activity, or

(b) a season, in the case of a seasonal sport, recreational, religious, cultural, organizational or similar activity, submit an annual schedule of events to the National Commissioner.

If an event is hosted by an event organiser which falls outside the scope of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, Act 2 of 2010 and the venue used is not purpose built or temporary structures are erected then the JOC application and floor plan approval process needs to be complied with.

The JOC applications must be done at least 30 days before the event.

The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, Act 2 of 2010

GLA are Specialist Event Risk Management Consultants and our SASREA services Include:

  • Pre-Event site inspections where necessary.
  • Compile and prepare the event risk assessment.
  • Application to the South African Police Services to obtain the event Risk categorization.

On receipt of the SAPS Event Risk categorization GLA will:

  • Appoint and provide the legislatively required public event safety officer.
  • Compile the written safety plan for the event.
  • Attend required ESSPC (Event Safety and Security Planning Committee) meetings.
  • Ensure the event complies with applicable by-laws and all other relevant Regulations and Legislation.
  • Represent organiser/sponsor in the VOC (Venue Operations centre).

City JOC Approval

GLA are Specialist Event Risk Management Consultants and our Services for City JOC Include:

  • Event application and presentations to the Relevant City JOC’s throughout South Africa.
  • EMS (Fire Dept.) and Building Control applications for floor plan approvals.
  • Noise exemption application (if applicable)
  • Liquor License applications. (if applicable);
  • Road closure applications. (if applicable);
  • Metro/Traffic notifications.
  • Collection and compilation of all operational plans for submission to the City JOC.
  • Compilation of the event specific written public safety and security plan
  • Compilation of the written event specific Disaster Management Plan
  • Collection of all certifications i.e. Electrical COC, Structural engineer’s certificates etc.

Event Risk Oversight

GLA also offer Specialist Event Risk Management oversight services which Include:

  • Vetting of third party event safety and security plans.
  • Attendance at legislatively required meetings on behalf of sponsors.

Ensure compliance and protect parties we represent from Reputational Harm.

What our clients say

“The success of the event is owed to great suppliers such as yourself.

Your valuable dedication, input, service and support significantly contributed in ensuring the success of this event.” Dr Sue Goldstein | Chairperson, 8th SA AIDS Conference

“If it was not for your perseverance and dedication, we would not have achieved any of the goals set out for the conference.

We would like to thank you and your team for your availability to the secretariat at all times and for your hard work in assisting us to meet our deadlines.

Your assistance has been invaluable to the conference secretariat.

It was an honor to work with you on this project. ” Natasha Ramiah & Mbali Mgaga | 4th SA TB Conference

“Without the extremely efficient service of Mr Gift Luthuli, the Safety Officer for this event, we would have not managed to host such a successful conference. This is the first time the conference was hosted on the African continent.

We thank you and your organisation once again for all the help and look forward to future cooperation in the future.” Mr ME Moemi | Director General, Sport and Recreation SA - 4th World Conference on Doping in Sport

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