LEGAL COMPLIANCE and ISO Internal Audits

GLA have developed our own OHS Legal Compliance Audit system, specifically designed for the auditing of compliance in the South African Context to our Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. (Act 85 of 1993 and associated Regulations) The system and reporting functions highlight areas of compliance and non-compliance, prioritising items needing urgent top management attention. The system is suitable for all industries requiring a professional Legal Compliance Audit with a simple built in function eliminating items that are not applicable to your organisation

GLA can either conduct the Audit for your organisation or the system can be purchased together with an affordable annual licence fee should you wish to conduct the audit yourself. The system generates graphs and tables automatically that depict percentages of compliance achieved in all relevant sections and regulations of the act as applicable to your organisation.

GLA offers Internal First Party auditing of Quality Management Systems, as required for system certification and continual improvement in line with ISO 19011:2011.

Supplier Auditing (External Second Party audits) as well as Third Party Auditing (for legal, regulatory and similar purposes) is also conducted by GLA.

Once the Scope of the Audit is established GLA has the capacity to deliver audits to small and medium size organisations as well as assembling competent audit teams supported by technical experts where required.

Audit findings are discussed with our client including a report detailing the determination of the audit findings and recording of Conformities and Non-Conformities.

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