Mar 19, 2020 | POPI

Can you implement POPI yourself?

Yes, you can-with the Gintan Luthuli Associates do it yourself POPI documentary toolkit. The Protection of Personal Information Act is an act that regulates and guides the collection, processing, holding and deletion of personal information. This means that in order to comply with the POPI Act a system needs to be put into place. The POPI system will need to include:

  • Categorization of needs in the sense of “what is it I’m dealing with?”
  • Impact and Risk Assessments in order to specifically target identified risks. Automated templates provided.
  • Policies and procedures to deal with identified needs and requirements by way of easy and effective systems to enable your POPI Compliance implementation. e. Data Protection Policies, Data Breach Procedures, Security-Breach Management, Privacy Notices, Human Resource issues, Refund Policies etc.
  • Manageable administration in respect of dealing with Requests and Rights of Data Subjects.
  • Appointment of the Information Officer, system managers and administrators
  • Employee Agreements, 3rd Party and Operator Agreements as well as Information Officer- and Deputy Officer- Appointments detailing their duties and responsibilities. All sample documentation is provided in the GLA toolkit. Add your company logo and you’re ready!
  • Free Registration of your PAIA with the SA Human Rights Commission.


The solution offered by Gintan Luthuli Associates is a fully customizable, Word/Excel based system that is easily adaptable allowing freedom to edit and tailor your compliance documentation to your organisations specific needs.

Within our POPI toolkit you will find everything you need to professionally comply with POPIA:

POPI Impact Assessment;  POPI Legitimate Interest Evaluation;  POPI Data Classification;  POPI Responsible party and Operator Agreement;  POPI Roles Awareness and Training;  POPI Annexure to Employment Contract for your staff;  POPI User access modules;  POPI Requests and Rights of Data Subject documentation;  POPI Privacy Policies & Notices;  POPI Cross Border and International Data Transfers;  POPI Information Security Policies;  POPI Personal Data Breach Management;  POPI Record Retention in line with current legislative demands;  POPI/PAIA customer Consent Forms; Data Update Forms; POPI Letters of Appointment; POPI/PAIA Gap Analysis; as well as the PAIA SEC. 51 MANUAL.

We also include free 12 month telephonic and email support concerning our documentary toolkit while you implement your system.

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