Risk Management and Assessment

The ISO 31001 definition of Risk is “the effect of uncertainty on objectives.”

Objectives can have different aspects (such as financial, health and safety, environmental) and can apply at different levels (such as strategic, organization -wide, project, product and process).

Risk is often expressed in terms of a combination of consequences of an event (including changes in circumstances) and the associated likelihood of occurrence.

Risk Management is the coordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with regard to risk.

GLA are Specialist Risk Management Consultants and our implementation services Include:

  • Design of Framework and Methodology for Managing Risk and Business Continuum Risk
  • Understanding the organisation and its context
  • Establishing a Risk Management Policy – Focusing on Risk and Opportunity
  • Accountability
  • Integration into Organizational Processes
  • Establishing Internal and External Reporting Mechanisms

Implementing the Risk Management Framework and Controlling / Mitigating Risk:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Treatment and Preparation and Implementation of Risk Treatment Plans

Monitoring and Review of Risk Management Framework and Methodology is addressed as a key focus area.

Procurement policies and processes are of vital importance in terms of the modern business and organisational risk framework and GLA offer guidance and assistance to our clients in this field. This service is offered as a special consultancy from design and development of the system, to its implementation and / or auditing.

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