The OHSE services offered by Gintan Luthuli Associates are aligned with the customer’s Corporate Risk Management Strategy as well as legal compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety and National Environmental Management Acts.

This strategy is realized by the implementation of the following mandatory quality elements:

This allows us to clearly communicate the services to be provided by Gintan Luthuli Associates to our clients and satisfy our customer’s needs, together with all relevant information, such as:

Expectations of both us as Service Provider and you, the Customer:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Measurements
  • Controls


  • To guard against our customers getting what they don’t need.
  • To establish what our customers need that they are not getting.
  • To give our customers what they need.

 Representing Client as Health and Safety Manager

  • Procurement management-Supplier Accreditation-Contractor Management.
  • On Site Organisational and Project emergency preparedness planning and implementation.
  • Implementing Risk Assessment and Safe Working Practices.
  • On-site evaluation of contractor health and safety system files and competency requirements including on site project health and safety compliance.
  • Project health and safety reporting.
  • For Events-Ensure necessary documentation is obtained from appointed contractors on site and submitted to the relevant authorities- (Structural Engineer certificates, Electrical COC’s, Noise Exemption, Health C.O.A. documents etc.)
  • Close out Reporting
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