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1.1 Freedom of Choice
3.1 Downloading of Documents



  • The purpose of our privacy notice and policy is to inform you about our use of the data and/or personal information we collect from you when you submit your data to us and to provide all our current customers and potential future customers, with a general understanding of the following;


  • As the Data Controller and Responsible Party of your information we are complying with the provisions of the POPIA and GDPR and informing you about what we use your data for, what your rights to the data you give us are and to tell you about who we are.
    We are Risk Consultants offering specialist services such as Integrated Quality Management Systems, Legal Compliance and ISO Internal Auditing, Health and Safety Systems including Environmental, I.T. Risk-Business Continuum and Compliance Public Event SASREA Compliance-JOC and Oversight.


Our address and contact details are;
Postal Address of head (Information Officer/DPO) of Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty) Ltd:

Mr. Errol Ninow

Physical Address of head of Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty) Ltd:

27 Leeukop Street Glenvista Johannesburg

No of head of Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty) Ltd:

082 852 5113

Email address of head of Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty) Ltd:

This notice will inform you as to the circumstances under which we collect and process your personal data

  • The type of data we collect
  • The reasons for collecting the data
  • How we handle your personal data.


Freedom of Choice

Your personal data belongs to you, as the owner of your personal data. The processing of your personal data forms an important part of the provision of our products and services to you, our customer and we strive not to make any assumptions regarding your personal privacy, and you can choose whether you wish to share your data with us.
Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty)Ltd only processes customer personal information that is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which the data is collected. The necessary processing in the pursuit of our legitimate interest will not outweigh the need to protect your privacy, however we may process certain personal data without obtaining your express consent. For more information on this please see our “Consent” section of this notice. Where we can anonymise your personal data for a function or service for non-personal data (e.g. For statistical purposes), it will only be treated as personal data for as long as it remains combined.



We collect the following data;
Your Name (contact person)
Physical Address
e-mail address
Name of your organisation
Position in your organisation
Postal Address

Telephone number
Credit card details if purchasing from us online



The information collected is utilised by us in order to respond to your enquiries made on our website or to respond to queries made by you as a customer, for example, on your account with us. We need your data in order to send you information regarding our products and services as part of our legitimate interest in responding to your enquiry. We will send you newsletters and product updates and special offers only if you agree and consent to receive these from us to your email address. We will use your data for invoicing purposes on services and products supplied.

  • We will not share your Data with any other third parties or use your data for any purpose other than described above. The information collected by us that you provide will not be used to make any automated decisions about you.
  • It is our policy to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations governing privacy and data protection in every country that we operate, ensuring legal compliance of processing of your personal data.


Downloading of Documents

Your name, organisation, and email address are used when directing you to a link for any documents that you wish to download or for downloadable purchases.
Your name and email address are not shared with a third-party mailing system Any third-party service provider company used by us is bound contractually to safeguard and protect your personal information as per the provisions of the POPI Act and the GDPR.
Your personal data is electronically stored unless you withdraw your consent for our continued usage of your data and are instructed by you at any time to delete and erase your data or alter your data as per your request.



Where reasonably practicable, or as required by law, we will obtain your consent prior to collecting or using your data. Our request for consent will be clear and provide you with a reasonable basis and sufficient information to make a decision. Your consent can be revoked and withdrawn at any time



We will not sell, trade or share your personal information with any third parties for marketing purposes unless we have your express consent to do so.



We use cookies to assist us in the collection of useful information about visitors to our website. These cookies assist in the functioning of our website. We do not ask for your consent for certain cookies to be placed onto your IT system/computer.



Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty)Ltd will only retain your data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it has been collected and outlined in this policy notice or for the purposes of which you have otherwise been informed. This means that we will retain your data in accordance with the consent given or until such consent is revoked by you.



All requests for data deletion, alteration and information concerning personal information Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty)Ltd may hold about you, may be made in writing to our Information Officer (Data Protection Officer) at the address below. You will be responded to within 30 days and advised of progress made with your request and whether there are any applicable and lawful charges attached to your request.
We restrict access to your personal data to our employees and suppliers who need to use the information in order to process it on our behalf and who are contractually bound and required to keep the integrity of your personal data secure and confidential.

How to make a formal request.
Address your request to:
The Information Officer (Data Protection Officer)
The requester must complete Form B and submit this form together with a request fee, if any has been specified, to;
the head of the private body
Gintan Luthuli Associates (Pty) Ltd)
at his/her physical address, or
O. Box number or email address

The form must:
provide sufficient particulars to enable the head of the private body to identify the record/s requested and to identify the requester
• indicate which form of access is required
• specify a postal address or fax number or email address of the requester in the Republic
• identify the right that the requester is seeking to exercise or protect
• provide an explanation of why the requested record is required for the exercise or protection of that right.

In addition to a written reply, if the requester wishes to be informed of the decision on the request in any other manner, the requester is to state that manner or format and the necessary particulars to be informed of in any other manner. If the request is made on behalf of another person, the requester is to submit proof of capacity in which the requester is making the request, to the reasonable satisfaction of the head of the private body, as described above.

CEO-Errol. W. Ninow


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