It has been 2 months since Advocate Pansy Tlakula, the POPI regulator, announced the commencement date for the additional regulations within the POPI Act. These regulations need to be complied with before the 1st of July 2021. The 12 months grace period is a blink of an eye. We are already 2 months closer!.

  • Have you formulated and designed your POPI system? Did you include the regulations?

  • Have you implemented your POPI System?

  • Is your Information Officer Appointed?

  • Are your Data Collection, Storage, Deletion and Non-Conformance Procedures, in place?

If you have answered ‘NO’ to any of the above, then we can assist. With 10 months left on the clock, we have formulated the simplest and fastest way to become compliant with the provisions of the POPI Act.


Purchase our DIY POPI Toolkit-Comprising of all the templates, instructions, and documentation needed for your legislatively compliant system.  

The system documents and templates include 12 months of updates and telephonic or email support.



Request a POPI Implementation Training and/or assisted implementation Quote

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