Gintan Luthuli Associates (GLA) proudly joined hands in the transformative 11th SAAIDS Conference 2023, hosted at the esteemed Durban ICC. This milestone gathering united a diverse community, all passionately committed to halting the HIV epidemic. Themed “Act, Connect, and End the Epidemic,” attendees immersed themselves in dynamic dialogues, sharing innovative evidence that will mold the future of HIV prevention. At GLA, we recognize the urgency of taking lasting actions to address enduring challenges. The conference echoed the call for cooperative endeavors, envisioning a healthier, HIV-free generation by 2030.

As ardent proponents of event safety and compliance, we felt honored to enrich this impactful conference and bolster its mission to extinguish the HIV epidemic. Together, we craft a safer, healthier world.

Together, we can build a safer and healthier world.

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