Event safety is a critical aspect to consider when planning and executing an event, whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale event. To ensure the safety of attendees, event organizers must follow strict safety regulations and standards. In South Africa, the South African Sport and Recreational Events Act (SASREA) sets the standards for event safety in the country.

Gintan Luthuli Associates works in partnership with event organizers to offer training, support, and guidance in meeting the compliance requirements for event safety management. In addition to SASREA, event organizers must also obtain JOC Approval, which is an approval certificate issued by the Joint Operations Committee at Municipalities. JOC Approval is a legal requirement for any event that is open to the public. And to support event organizers in achieving these requirements, Gintan Luthuli Associates offers comprehensive event safety management services.

The event safety management plan should encompass all aspects of safety at an event, including emergency evacuation plans, crowd management, first aid and medical support, security measures, and traffic management. Event organizers must also appoint Event Safety Officers to oversee the implementation of the event safety management plan. These officers must be trained in event safety management and have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the event safely. At Gintan Luthuli Associates, we offer trained and qualified Event Safety Officers and support in developing a comprehensive event safety management plan.

In conclusion, event safety is of the utmost importance, and event organizers must take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of attendees. Adherence to SASREA regulations and obtaining JOC Approval, coupled with the development of a comprehensive event safety management plan and the appointment of trained, competent Event Safety Officers, will go a long way to ensuring the success of any event. At Gintan Luthuli Associates, we provide event organizers with the resources and expertise needed to meet all the safety regulations and standards set by SASREA and obtain JOC Approval, ensuring the safety of attendees and the success of their event.

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