Veterinarians all have one thing on there mind when it comes to their business – being a good doctor. Unfortunately, a vet practice is a business, like any other. And all businesses, by law, have certain acts that they need to comply to.

All businesses need to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the Protection of Personal Information Act. These acts govern the safety of employees as well as the safety of their information. 

The OHS act, which now contains the COVID-19 Regulations, as well as POPIA are the last thing a vet needs to worry about.


Gintan Luthuli Associates’ business is compliance. We have OHS and COVID-19 preparedness products that have been tailor-made to the Veterinarian Industry. We have also created a POPI Documentation package that is fully customised to any organisation. 

Below are the three products we have available to the Veterinarian Industry.

Gintan Luthuli Associates have developed a legislatively based DIY POPIA system with editable templates and guides enabling your business to benefit from our years of Risk Management expertise and put you in control of your business compliance easily, expertly and in in an understandable way that you and your employees can easily follow.

Once-Off at only R9,878.50 incl. VAT

The Gintan Luthuli Associates’ legislatively based COVID-19 Preparedness system documentation toolkit with editable templates enables you to tailor your COVID-19 system specifically to your business.

Purchasers of the system documents and templates receive FREE legislative updates and support for 12 months.

Once-Off at only R 1,295.00 incl. VAT

This product was tailor-made by Gintan Luthuli and designed for easy use. It is user friendly and completely accessible online, with your system always available, managed, and monitored in the cloud.

For only R1295.00 per month, incl.vat


Only R14 245-00 per annum, incl.vat.



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