Amidst the enchanting Kievits Kroon Gauteng Wine Estate, on August 6th and 7th, we reveled in a splendid affair – the Gauteng Prawn and Wine Festival 2023. GLA proudly ensured a secure and enjoyable experience with SASREA compliance, JOC approval, event safety officers, and medics.

Sensory Delights:
From succulent prawns to exquisite wines, the festival offered a delectable culinary adventure. GLA’s watchful eye on safety enabled carefree indulgence, prioritizing your well-being while you savored every bite and sip.

Safety at Heart:
GLA orchestrated a seamless safety net. Every laugh, every interaction unfolded in an atmosphere of assurance. As GLA secured the scene, you relished every moment, knowing you were in safe hands.

Toast to Togetherness:
As the festival’s sun-kissed days faded into laughter-filled nights, we witnessed more than an event – a vibrant celebration of unity. GLA’s role in this memory-filled tapestry was humbling, a guardian of merriment and security.

Memories Aplenty:
With joyful hearts, we bid adieu to an unforgettable fest. The Gauteng Prawn and Wine Festival 2023 was a journey beyond taste, a reminder of community’s strength. Here’s to future adventures, to good food, to great company, and unwavering safety. Cheers!

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